Did you know California has 5.2 BILLION dollars allocated to helping renters repay up to 100% of missed/partially paid rent and utility payments over the last 18 months when those missed payments were due to a covid-19 related income loss?

As of today, the state has only used about 23% of the total funds which leaves 3.9+ billion still sitting ready to help out struggling renters catch up on their payments so I want to do my part to help get the word out. If you are a renter who has missed payments or a landlord who has a tenant who hasn’t paid due to covid, please visit Housing.ca.gov. There you can see if you qualify, find out what paperwork you need, and get all your questions answered. Also, if you know a renter or landlord that might be going through a hard time, please share this information with them, I want to make sure everyone that is eligible for this program takes advantages while it’s still here. 

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