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Dustin Cole says

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October 2019
Josh was great to work with! Most important to a couple buying our first home was that we trusted him and knew he cared. Josh never gave us cause for concern. He always took as much time as was needed to explain every detail of every minor question we asked. And we asked a ton of questions and  combed through every document. He was always available and communicated immediately and thoroughly. We couldn’t have asked for a smoother and more stress-free house buying experience. And also along the way Josh saved us a bunch of money. Initially, he advised us on the perfect amount to bid and told us to roll some money into the mortgage for some needed renovations. That was a life saver. Then he successfully negotiated a large repair credit from the sellers and ordered some backup inspections that proved critical. And most important, he advised us to not overbid on the first home we are overly eager to get. If we had gone with first price we wanted to pay on that house we would have been there with a house not worth the mortgage instead of the final house we found which we love 1000x more and got for a great price
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