October 2019
My wife and I can’t recommend Josh highly enough. Truly. Josh was great. Josh had previously helped my sister buy a house, so he came with a solid recommendation. Even so, we wanted to make sure he was the right agent for us. Josh showed up to  our first meeting with a well thought out plan for selling our home in the tight window we required. His ideas for how to maximize the price and quantity of offers made a lot of sense, and ultimately worked to perfection. But even though he had his own plan, he was also very open to our ideas. He just adjusted the plan to match our needs. Josh provided invaluable advice regarding what needed to be done to our house before the sale…and more importantly, what did NOT need to be done. He saved us a bunch of time and money by keeping us from investing in improvements that would not have given proper returns. When it came time for marketing, Josh brought in a great photographer who took amazing shots that really made the home come to life online. More than that, his advertising campaign brought in literally over one thousand views on Zillow. By comparison, other homes in our area were only getting views in the low-hundreds during the same period. Josh held an open house the first weekend on the market which brought in about 10 offers…most of them above asking. He helped us choose the best offer (and even got it raised a little) and we were in Escrow less than 1 week after going on the market. The Escrow process went smoothly with the help of Josh and his team. Josh checked in almost daily with updates (and even when there weren’t any updates…just to keep us from worrying.) We closed on time and with no problems, thanks in large part to Josh’s efforts. A few days after we had moved out, we received a little present in the mail. I won’t spoil the surprise, but it definitely touched our hearts. Thank you, Josh! Now, go hire this guy. What are you waiting for?
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