What are the top 5️⃣ things I can do to make sure your home 🏡 sells quick and for top dollar? 💰💰💰 How long will it take to sell my house in the current market🤔? Watch this quick video 🎥to find out now!

As we start the month of October🍂🎃☕️, housing supply in Orange County is down 59% while demand is up 29%. When you put this together, you can see why we have been, and will continue to be, in a hot seller’s market for the foreseeable future. Homes are selling faster now than any time in the last 8 years. So how do you make sure you maximize your profits and sell your home as quick as possible during the Covid-19 pandemic? The video goes into more detail, but here are the top 5 things you can do to get the best results when placing your home on the market.

1) Even in such a hot seller’s market, you need to make sure you are pricing your home based on the data (comparable sales in your neighborhood). You can still price your home on the higher end of market value, but in today’s market buyers are smart enough to know when a home is dramatically overpriced

2) Hire a professional photographer AND a videographer/Matterport tour creator. Right now, buyers do the majority of their home shopping online, if they can’t get a really good idea of the layout and condition of your home, they might pass it by.

3) Hire a stager to help your home stand out. Buyers are looking for homes based on what they see on shows from HGTV. For as little as a few hundred dollars, you can have your home staged to make sure it appeals to as many potential buyers as possible

4) Curb Appeal is extremely important. If you have a front yard, there are easy projects you can do to make that great first impression. A quick pressure washing of your home, a few freshly planted flowers and some new mulch can go a long way without having to break the bank.

5) Freshen up your home with a few small projects. Yes, a new coat of paint or new flooring can be a great idea in many cases when the home hasn’t had a refresh in years, but there are also plenty of smaller things you can do to make sure you show buyers that you are taking care of the home which gives them confidence to put in higher offers. Even something as simple as doing a deep clean of your house, making sure all of the light bulbs are working, or replacing the hardware on your kitchen cabinets can make an impact on how many buyers will show interest in your home.

Hopefully this gave you some helpful ideas on what you can be doing to get your house ready so when the time comes you are setting yourself up for success.

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